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ZoneTouch 3 24V Kit – 8 Zone

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Comfort Matters

Your home’s comfort is our first priority. Stay in control of the conditioned airflow around your home with an easy to use, stylish touch panel featuring a personalised interface to suit your lifestyle.

Savings Matters

Zone your ducted air conditioning for more comfort and energy savings. With ZoneTouch 3 as a part of your ducted air conditioning installation, everyone at home can enjoy their own comfort level and you can save energy by turning off the airflow for rooms not in use. You can also save money by reducing the size of the air conditioner you need by up to 20% when you zone it, as well as on power costs into the future.

Save Money

ZoneTouch 3 is a touch screen controller to let you control which rooms of your home are air conditioned and prevent wasting conditioned air on rooms that are not in use.
zonetouch 1

Ready for Your Home

Touch screen controller suited to your dećor. Choose an interface colour to customise ZoneTouch 3 to your home.
zonetouch 2

Your Comfort

When and where you need it. Adjust the airflow around your home in 5% increments so everyone enjoys their own level of comfort.
zonetouch 3

App Control for iOS & Android

The remote control is already in your pocket with the new ZoneTouch 3 App to control your climate control zoning.
zonetouch 4

Underlying Safety

With built in safety features like Spill Zone, ZoneTouch 3 can help prevent damage to your system.

Future Proof. It just Works.

Add value to your beautiful home with an elegant temperature controller that works with any ducted air conditioner you choose or even change to in the future. With a new interface, ZoneTouch 3 delivers precise control of your comfort with the advantage of our 20+ years of experience to take full potential of your ducted air conditioning.


  • Turbo Zone
  • Easy Timer Control
  • 7″ HD Touch Screen
  • 4 Favourite Scenarios
  • Control up to 16 Zones – ZoneTouch 3 (8 Zone Kit)
  • 5 Year Warranty

This ZoneTouch 3 – 8 Zone Kit includes:


Item #Description
6572501 x ZoneTouch 3 Main Module
6572511 x ZoneTouch 3 Console
6570958 x Control Cable 12m
6570961 x Data Cable 12m
6571541 x Neat 24V Transformer
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