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Sensibo Sky White – WiFi Controller for Split System Air Conditioners

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Control your air conditioner

Sensibo Sky is the ultimate device to control any remotely controlled air conditioner and make it smart. With Sensibo you will be able to control, monitor, automate and save energy.

All you need is a WiFi network & a smart phone (iPhone or Android) and the free Sensibo app.


Make your split system smart.

It’s never been easier to control your split system from anywhere, anytime.
Maximise your comfort and save energy.

Enjoy your peace of mind, where ever you are.

Sensibo makes sure the temperature is just right for you.
Arrive home to a cosy room no matter what the whether is outside.

New Feature! Climate React

Automate reactions to room temperature or humidity

Let Sensibo remove unwanted extremes in temperature or humidity according to your preferences. Simply pre-set your limits and determine the reaction you want from your air conditioner if your limits are exceeded.

Temperature Example

Set Sensibo Sky to turn on & cool your room to 24C if the room temperature rises above 30C

Humidity Example

Set Sensibo Sky to turn on in dehumidify (Dry) mode if room humidity rises above 80%

Sensibo Location Feature

Save Energy – Lower Bills

Using Geofence, remote monitoring filter clean alter, timers and scheduling.

Works with Amazon Echo & Google Assistant

Control your Sensibo with your voice.

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