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Panasonic Deluxe Wall Split 2.5kw System

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Cooling or Heating Air Purification Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioner

Cooling. Heating or air purification, all in one.

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Built in Wi-Fi, A Smarter Way to Control Your Air

The Panasonic Comfort Claud app and built in Wi-Fi function provide the convenience to control your air conditioner, even when you’re away from home. Set timers via the comfort cloud app to pre-cool or warm up your home before you arrive, or purity and clean your indoor air with the nanoe X function before coming home. Even switch off the air conditioner when you are away from home – for the times when you’ve left the house in a hurry.

Intuitive Voice Control

Introducing intuitive voice control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa control compatibility. Using your existing Google assistant or Alexa devices, control your air conditioner with just your voice.

*To use Google Assistant to control your air conditioner, you will need a Google Assistant device.
*Google is a trademark of Google LLC, Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
*Functionality may vary depending on models.

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Air Purification System

Purify your Air with or without cooling or heating. Panasonic’s nanoe X Technology is a revolutionary air purification system that keeps your living space fresh and clean for you and your family.

Sensitive Choice

Sensitive Choice is a community service program that aims to educate people about the importance of managing their asthma and allergies. Developed by the National Asthma Council Australia in 2006, the program also encourages companies to produce products and services that are more asthma and allergy aware.

Panasonic and Sensitive Choice have partnered to introduce nanoe X to the Australian market. Purifying your air 24 hours, the nanoe X feature can function independently or concurrently with your air conditioner. This market leading Air Sterilisation technology works towards the inhibition oi bacteria, viruses, allergens, pollens and mould within your indoor environment, whi19C deodorizing, keeping your home or office fresh and clean. Panasonic & Sensitive Choice are committed to bringing you Quality Air, tor Life.

The 7 Reasons to Use Nanoe X

1. Active Deodorisation Penetrating into the deepest parts of fibres, nanoe X eliminates frequently encountered odours, creating cleaner and fresher spaces.
2. Inhibition of Hazardous Substances – nanoe X has been confirmed to inhibit and breakdown common hazardous / harmful substances ensuring that the air you breathe is cleaner and safer
3. Inhibition of Mould Common airborne and adhered mould found inside living / working spaces are enveloped and inhibited by nanoe X.
4. Inhibition of Bacteria & Viruses – nanoe x envelops and inhibits the activity of airborne and adhered bacteria & viruses.
5. Inhibition of Pollen – nanoe x is effective in inhibiting a variety of pollens globally, all year around.
6. Inhibition of Major Allergens nanoe X inhibits allergens such as pet dander, mite faeces / carcasses, and airborne mould, as well as other major allergens.
7. Moisturises and Hydrates – nanoe X combines with natural sebum (natural skin oils) to coat the skin, leading to a smoother, well-hydrated complexion.

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Complete Air Purification Wherever You Are

Keep nanoe mode running while you’re away, or simply use the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App return to fresh smelling home every time. Ensure the that you breathe is cleaner and safer by keeping nanoe x mode running 24 hrs. With a low energy consumption of 35W/hr. for a single unit Panasonic delivers non-stop Quality Air.
Step 1: Turn on your air conditioner with Panasonic Comfort Cloud App
Step 2: Select nanoeTM mode tram ‘Mode Selection’. nanoe TM mode is displayed on screen.

*Functionality may vary by model


Smaller Size, Greater Versatility

With capacities ranging from 2.5kw ten average bedroom Size) to 8.0kW (large lounge room), Panasonic Z series air conditioners have a solution perfectly suited to every home. The Z series now have smaller widths compared to the previous generation, making it easier and more versatile than ever to install into tight spaces.

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High Energy Efficiency

One of Panasonic’s guiding principles is environmental sustainability. With this in mind, our Wall Split System uses the R32 refrigerant which reduces environmental impact and also delivers better energy efficiency.

Leading Control Options

Panasonic Air Conditioning systems allow flexible control options. Individual product control and Wi-Fi control are all possible. Please consult with your installer tor advice as to which control system best suits your individual requirements.


Compact Outdoor Units

Panasonic Air Conditioning systems feature the most compact end unobtrusive outdoors units available within the market with impressively small dimensions, the outdoor unit been ingeniously designed, allowing prodigiously powerful performance to be Installed in even the tightest of spaces.


We care about the food we eat, and the water that we drink; But what about the air that we breathe?


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Model (240V/ 1 Phase / 50Hz)
Indoor UnitCS- Z25XKRW
Outdoor Unit[CU-Z25XKR]
Cooling/ Heating Capacity
(min – max)kW2.50 [0.95-3.70]
3.00 [0.90-4.40]
(min – max)Btu/h
8,530 [3,240-12,600]
10,900 [3,070-15,000]
Air FlowIndoorL/s188/200
Electrical Data
Running CurrentA2.50/3.20
Max CurrentA6.4
Power Input (min – max)kW0.57 [0.22-1.20]
0.73 [0.19-1.29]
Star Rating
Hot ClimateCooling4.5
Average ClimateCooling4
Cold ClimateCooling4
TCSPF & HSPF Residential/ Commercial
Hot ClimateTCSPF6.46/7.53
Average ClimateTCSPF5.77/8.13
Cold ClimateTCSPF5.94/9.70
Noise Level
Sound Pressure Level *2 dB (A)Indoor (H / L / Q-Lo)40/25/19
Outdoor (H / Q-Lo)48/43
Sound Power Level dB(A)Indoor (H / L / Q-Lo)56/41/35
Outdoor (H / Q-Lo)63/58
Net WeightIndoor (Outdoor)kg8 (25)
Indoor (H x W x D)mm290 x 779 x 209
Outdoor (H x W x D)mm542 x 780 x 289
Refrigerator Pipe Diameter
Liquid Sidemm/(inch)Ø6.35
Gas Sidemm/ (inch)Ø9.52
Pipe Extension LengthMin – Max(m)3-20
Maximum Elevation Lengthm15
Pipe Length For Additional Gasm7.5
Additional Gas Amountg/m10
Operating Range (Outdoor)
CoolingDegree °C-10 ~ +46
Heating-15 ~ +24
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