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AirTouch 5 24V Kit – 8 Zone

$1,119.36 inc GST

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Air Conditioning is Just the Beginning

With AirTouch 5, experience more comfort. Enjoy more control. Save energy running your air conditioning.

Enhance your air conditioning with AirTouch 5, the smart controller to manage your climate control from a touch screen, smartphone or tablet.

  • Save Energy, Save Money- With smart zoning, reduce the size of the air conditioner you need and save on running costs.

  • More Convenience- Control multiple ducted air conditioners and stay informed about your home climate.

  • Better Comfort for Everyone- Your favourite temperature anywhere at home, anytime with the added benefit of app and voice control.

A Style to Suit your House

Choose the AirTouch 5 Theme to match your home.

airtouch 1

AirTouch 5 knows how to keep everyone comfortable just the way they want.

Built in artificial intelligence helps manage temperatures and airflow for each room in your home, and can adjust your air conditioning with the weather.

Live in comfort and save energy, without having to think about it.

itc 2

Intelligent & Without Wastage

With Intelligent Temperature Sensor (ITS) technology, AirTouch tracks and manages temperatures throughout your home, instead of just 1 location.

AirTouch 5 Intelligent Temperature Sensor – $138 inc. GST

Add more sensors and enjoy:

  • More Savings- AirTouch sends conditioned air only to where it is needed.
  • More Comfort- AirTouch is able to identify unwanted hot or cold spots and respond.
  • More Control for Everyone- Now, everyone can set their favourite temperature for their space at home. ITS also adds an extra switch for the air conditioning in each room.

airtouch 3

Comfort & Efficiency with Zoning

With AirTouch 5, you can run the air conditioning in just the rooms you are using, making them more comfortable, but saving energy by not cooling or heating rooms no one is in.​

airtouch 4

Great for Multi Storey Homes​

With a smart new interface that updates itself for multiple systems, AirTouch 5 makes controlling multiple air conditioners in the same house a breeze.​

airtouch 5

Your Control from Anywhere

Artificial Intelligence to help manage your smart home’s comfort.

AirTouch 5 includes an all new advanced app to give access to your home comfort from wherever you are.

  • Geofencing- Don’t worry about forgetting to turn off the air conditioning and wasting energy when you leave home.
  • Temperature Alerts- You won’t have to come home to an oven in summer or a freezer in winter again with your home temperature alerts to your phone.

airtouch 6

Save Energy, Save Money

Built in smarts to help manage energy savings for you.

See when you used your air conditioning more than you needed to, or learn what rooms get used the most.

Weather Adaption

Reduce energy consumption with your air conditioning depending on the weather

airtouch 7

Safety and Security

Certified by Google** on Android

Trust AirTouch to be the hub for your smart home and lifestyle devices to do everything you need from one place.

Setup a shared calendar, go shopping, manage your solar power, order food, update your music playlists, or check the security cameras with their apps via the Favourites list and Android.

Use with a video doorbell or video conference: Have 2 way video conversations with the built in camera that includes a privacy cover.

Make Home Comfort Simply Smart

Fast & Easy to Control

  • Keeping it Simple- Set a Quick Timer or setup your air conditioning for the season or each day of the week with our redesigned Programs.
  • Your Favourite- Use Favourites to save and recall your ideal climate control scenario.
  • Sleep & Away Modes- Sleep and Away let you save energy overnight or while you are away. Make sure you don’t waste it while no one is home while still maintaining a comfortable house.

Your Home

Interact with your home in a way that suits you.

Smart phone app, wall console, switch or voice control. However you choose to control your smart home, AirTouch will respond.

airtouch8 airtouch 9

*With Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

**GMS (Google Mobile Services) certification
Additional apps not pre-installed. Apps shown are for illustrative purposes only. All specifications and features are subject to change without notice. AirTouch may
run on an Android operating system version that may affect the functionality of various apps. Users should check compatibility before use. AirTouch is unable to
warrant functionality of 3rd party apps.

AirTouch 5  More Information…


Item #Description
657255AirTouch 5 Console
657096AirTouch 5 Main Module
657154NEAT 24V Transformer
657095Control Cable 12m x 8
657096Data Cable 12m x 1


In addition to purchasing your AirTouch kit, you will also require one of the Gateways listed below to make your AirTouch compatible with the brand of air conditioner you have. For example, if your current brand of air conditioner is a Daikin, you would need to purchase the Daikin gateway below, along with the AirTouch kit.

AC BrandAirTouch Gateway
Daikin AirTouch Gateway Daikin Kit
Panasonic AirTouch Gateway Panasonic Kit
Fujitsu AirTouch Gateway Fujitsu Kit
HitachiAirTouch Gateway Hitachi Kit
LGAirTouch Gateway LG Kit
Midea, Carrier, Rinnai, HaierAirTouch Gateway Midea, Carrier, Rinnai, Haier Kit
Mitsubishi Electric AirTouch Gateway Mitsubishi Electric Kit
Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesAirTouch Gateway Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kit
Samsung NASA (R32)AirTouch Gateway Samsung Kit NASA (R32)
Samsung Non-NASA (R410A) Up to 14kW
Toshiba AirTouch Gateway Toshiba Kit


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AirTouch 5 User Manual

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