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Welcome! When it comes to staying cool, The Air Store has got you covered. We specialise in supplying air conditioning systems from leading brands at great prices, to both retail and trade customers. So why wait? Keep your cool with us today!

Our Commitment to Affordability

Our mission at The Air Store is clear – we’re committed to delivering an exceptional range of air conditioners that are not only top-tier in quality but also affordable for everyone. As a forward-thinking online business, we’ve embarked on this latest venture to ensure that our customers have access to the most competitive prices on the market.

Discover Our Range

Whether you’re looking for ducted systems, split systems, air purification solutions, portable units, evaporative systems, or accessories, The Air Store has you covered. Our diverse product offerings cater to a wide range of preferences and requirements, ensuring that you find the perfect air conditioning solution for your space.

Empowering Both Contractors and Customers

With a history of serving tradespeople through an online portal, The Air Store now brings the convenience of online shopping to contractors and individuals alike. Anyone can now easily browse, select, and purchase high-quality air conditioning equipment from the comfort of their home.

Elevating Your Comfort

We’re driven by the goal of enhancing your comfort and ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase. All the air conditioning systems we offer are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty, reaffirming our dedication to providing you with reliable and quality solutions.

The Perfect Split System

Experience affordable comfort with our compact, powerful split system air conditioners. Ideal for diverse spaces, they offer innovative technology and air-purifying filters for fresh, efficient cooling and heating.

Ducted Perfection

Choose our ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems for complete climate control. Highly customisable, these systems discreetly manage indoor climate while offering aesthetic appeal, precise zoning, efficiency, serenity, and increased property value.

Elevate your comfort with premium air conditioning solutions

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